Over the past 12 years, Brian and Anita Deeley have saved over 14 million bees with their company Beverly Bees, creating award-winning honey, homemade candles, and an organic skincare line made of 100% pure beeswax! You can find their lotions, lip balms, salves, and all their products online at Copley Square Farmers Market or in their store located at 24 New Derby St #2 in Salem, MA. Every single item made by Beverly Bees is created entirely homemade by Brian and Anita.

All of their products come straight from their farm located in Beverly, MA along with beehives in client’s backyards who sign up for their “Host-A-Hive” program. Brian and Antia manage all beehives in participants’ backyards and therefore get a massive variety of beeswax from these various regions. The honey from each hive is spun and bottled separately, allowing Beverly Bees to track where each unique flavor originated from.


A special shoutout goes to the 200 different shapes and designs of Beverly Bees homemade candles, as they actually purify the air as they burn. Negative ions emitted from their candles bind to toxins in the air trapping pollutants, dust, and debris. Along with this, they burn much slower, brighter, longer, and drip less compared to commercial candles you would buy in most stores. The sweet and pleasant honey aroma released is 100% natural and contains no artificial scents.

Not only do they create products through their passion of beekeeping, but they also rescue bees who are at risk of extermination. They work with pest control companies to save unwanted bees from buildings, trees, and more. Both Brian and Anita rehabilitate, care, and maintain these hives.

Anita’s passion for beekeeping originated from simply asking a few questions while rolling a candle in the beekeeping building at the local county fair. Not too long after she ended up the president of a beekeeping club and got hired by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.

Check out their website to see a list of the hundreds of bees Anita and Brian have been stung by with a smile on their face over the years.

Watch the interview below to learn more about the story of Beverly Bees!