Don’t be that guy with a grey top sheet and a baseball poster that calls that decorating, and never gets a second date. Don’t be that girl with the same mandala tapestry and un-funny Kanye tweet and think that’s decor. Don’t be the same middle-aged woman who has wine references all over their house. Let HYG help you for the sake of us all.

“HYG” is an app idea that curates furniture, wall art, appliances, decoration and more through a quiz that makes your home, more YOU. Your home should be your safe space, it should represent your true identity and where you are the most comfortable. Expressing yourself in your home and embracing your personality through home decorations is not as easy as it sounds, and that’s what HYG is here for.

The name “HYG” came about through research of word association with that feeling you get from being in the comfort of your own cozy home on a rainy day, or coming home after a long day at work. That’s when I found the word “hygge”, a Danish and Norwegian word that by definition means a feeling coziness, comfort, wellness, and contentment. Visually, hygge represents a cozy snow day snuggled up by the fire with hot cocoa and a good book. That’s what I want people to feel when in their newly decorated and furnished homes.

When you sign up for HYG, you will first take an in depth personality quiz so the software can get to know who you really are, and what would make your home feel like home. After your curated home decor is ready, you can enjoyably scroll and add what you would like in your new home, or revamped home. Once your favorites are selected, you can use the Augmented Reality camera function to see what everything could really look like in your space.