Have you ever wondered what the view from the top of the Prudential Center looked like?

Wonder no more, a brand new 59,000 square foot 3-story rooftop is opening in 2023! This iconic landmark’s new observatory in the heart of Back Bay will be a game changer for Boston locals and tourists coming from all over the globe.

The 52nd floor will feature “The View”, an indoor viewing area with 24-foot high ceilings and an elevated platform called “The Lookout” that will offer viewers the chance to zoom in on Boston neighborhoods.

An open-air Cloud Terrace on the floor below will offer the cocktail lounge “Stratus”. Visitors will get the opportunity to get their picture taken in front of the Boston skyline by a camera located more than 2,000 feet away atop the neighboring 200 Clarendon Street, formerly known as John Hancock Tower.

The 50th floor will be home to a more family-friendly restaurant, “The Beacon” and a private dining space called “Studio 50”. On this floor, guests can also find immersive experiences providing details about city attractions, including a theater with a 270-degree screen. Visitors can scan their tickets at each exhibit and plan a virtual itinerary for their Boston visit based on their interests.

For all the locals, get ready to revamp your everyday life here in Back Bay. Elevate your post-work drink spot with an unparalleled, never before experienced sunset overlooking all of the unique areas of Boston. An observatory like this is the first to ever come to Boston!